Grove Chapel 150913 123920 aGrove Chapel has a wide-ranging and active support network for home-based and world missions. Our policy is to direct support through prayer and giving towards individuals who have been linked to the church in various ways, or who are involved in particular areas of missionary work in which the church has a particular interest.

One of our main areas of interest is in student work both in the UK through Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship and internationally through the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. We also have direct links with specific works in France, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey, as well as with London-based work in the Jewish community and more widely through London City Mission.

As a church we have a particular for concern for outreach in the Chinese community.

Although the main focus of our missionary interest and support is directed towards these specific areas, we do have contact with a wider range of missions and those involved in different ministries overseas.

The needs of missionaries and their work are a regular feature of the weekly church prayer meeting and there are several monthly prayer groups that meet to pray for missionaries in particular parts of the world.

One weekend each year is set apart as a missionary weekend when we home in on one or two areas of interest to raise awareness of the work of the gospel overseas and encourage deeper interest in missionary support.


More information about some of the mission organisations that we support can be found by following the links below.