Grove Chapel 150913 112111 aWe trace our spiritual roots as a church to those historic expressions of the Christian Faith that have held the Bible to be central in faith and life. However, we also see the vital need for every generation of Christians to be reaching out to the world of their day. Appreciation of the past and relevance to the present are not mutually exclusive, but natural partners in the church’s ongoing witness to the world.

Grove Chapel is an independent church. That means we have no formal links with any particular denomination or church grouping, but it does not mean we exist in blissful isolation. We actively seek to cultivate meaningful links and fellowship with other churches that share similar convictions and vision to our own.

We believe the Bible teaches that the church exists for two great reasons: To bring glory to God through its life in the world (Ephesians 1.12) and to bring God’s Word to the world through its witness to Jesus Christ (Matthew 28.19-20). All that we do and every ministry we exercise is geared towards these ends.

We'd like you to get to know us better

And that is why we have this web site.

We hope that here, you will be able to find out a lot about Grove Chapel. You can listen to sermons and get a good idea of the ministry of the church. You can read some of the material we distribute to our neighbours, get information on our services and how to get to them.

We trust that this site will help you to understand more of the Christian faith we believe and encourage you to find out more at Grove.